I've started a Japaneur sister site: livinginkobe.jp
here's why, and what it's all about:

It started with my first trip to Japan.

Over the years I went back dozens of times.
Finally, we made the decision to live in Japan. 

We decided to live in Japan for a lot of reasons that I write about on Japaneur. And the most common question I get?

How did you choose where to live in Japan, and why?

Of all the cities in Japan, we chose Kobe to be our new home. That's not to say that Kobe is the best city in Japan, but we decided it is the best for us. A lot went into the decision.

Once we decided on Kobe, hundreds of questions came up:

❁ Which neighborhood is best to live in?
❁ What schools should our children go to?
❁ Do we get a car? Which car? Do we need new drivers licenses?
❁ Where do we work out? Shop for food? Bank? Which restaurants are the best?

The list was long.  Everything was new.

I found a book, but it didn't go deep.
I wanted frank, honest opinions backed up with reasons.
So my wife and I spent two years and thousands of hours researching, with the goal of making life in Japan awesome for our family.

I've decided to create a Japaneur sister site, to share what we've learned, and to blog about what it's like Living in Kobe.


I hope you like it!  Let me know what you think, and please ask me any questions that come to mind!

A view of Kobe, overlooking Oji park, with Sannomiya and Motomachi beyond it