OMOSHIROI BLOCK - Artwork that emerges over time


The concept is brilliant: A block of high quality paper to tear away one leaf at a time, for memos and messages. But like a 3-D printer with patience, as the pages disappear, a beautifully sculpted object emerges. Each leaf of paper is elegantly scored with a laser-cutter, and each block contains a beautifully crafted object. Designs include extremely detailed objects, including a grand piano, a Japanese castle, a camera, a violin, a Japanese temple and Tokyo Tower.

This must have been a fun project. It looks like the creators used every printing frame from a 3-D object render with the right gauge paper, and voila, gorgeous and emotive art. I remember losing track of time watching chopsticks getting engraved with my son's name in kanji by a CNC machining device on the counter of a little Kyoto shop. I think I would be mesmerized by the manufacturing process with whatever laser cutter they used to make these!

Big thanks to my nerd friend David at Macsparky for sharing this! Currently Triad, Inc. sells OMOSHIROI BLOCK exclusively at Tokyu Hands in Osaka, ranging in price from ¥4,000 to ¥10,000.