A JAPANEUR is a Japan insider with an outsider perspective.

Me, in Tokyo for a weekend to meet up with my brother visiting Japan on business.

I'm James.

I’m American and Canadian, born and raised in California. Today I live in Kobe Japan with my wife and two boys. 

To me, Japan is the most fascinating place on Earth. Just ask most people if they want to travel to Japan and why, and you'll get an amazing variety of positive reasons why it's on almost everyone's bucket list.  

As a father I care deeply about the future my kids will face and whether or not they have what they need - education, experience, values, friends and family - to be successful. As a husband I care about the safety and well-being of my family, and that generally addresses my wife's number one priority as well. And as an entrepreneur and technologist I am always looking for new ways to connect the random dots around me into new opportunities to help people. 

I'm probably overly simplifying when I say that all the things I'm interested in personally and professionally seem to coalesce, in a really bizarre way, here in Japan. And the only way to take it all in is at your own pace comme le flâneur. So I coined the term Japaneur. And it stuck.

I'm Japaneur on instagram and twitter, and sign up here to get notified of blog updates and other cool stuff.

- James